Tbt drunk and nervous playing the orchidtapes showcase.

Tbt drunk and nervous playing the orchidtapes showcase.

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Briefly Touching | An Orchid Tapes compendium


A bunch of the active members of Orchid Tapes were contacted by Tom Johnson for GoldFlakePaint and were ask to write about what Orchid Tapes meant to them, along with their favourite albums / songs from our catalog. Expectedly, the entire article turned out incredible.

I had no idea that that something this extensive, genuine and emotional was being pieced together and I’m feeling so happy and humbled to be in the company of all these talented and kind people. In reading this there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re all doing good with our lives and that this is what I wanna keep doing with all my time and energy for as long as possible.

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High Fashion Magazine June 1999

High Fashion Magazine June 1999

(Source: archivings, via lunarslopes)

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Hey! We filmed the Orchid Tapes showcase and really loved your set. We were wondering if you could help us out with song titles before we start editing and uploading everything. We got About us and To Emily but there are four others that we just need help with. If I provide lyrics would you be able to help us out?

The showcase set in order was:

About Us
Terra (New)
Sleep Fine (New)
Still Your Fool (New)
Hazy Past
To Emily

Hopefully I can see them first before y’all upload it.

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I’m digging up some old MP3’s from the earlier days of recording circa 2007-2010, and I stumbled upon this song I wrote in the winter of ‘09 when I was a depressed freshman in art school. I was really into nylon string guitar and singing about how incredibly sad I was haha. I was certain I’d write a whole record on just that spanish guitar. Never happened though. Check it out if you want to hear a version of my young self messing around on garage band with the internal macbook mic in a dorm room years back.

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orchidtapes cool t-shirt, dude.

orchidtapes cool t-shirt, dude.

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Interview with Brandan and Sean of Pity Sex



On a cool, dreary day in October, I met up with Brandan (bass) and Sean (drums) of Pity Sex at Wild Ginger to talk vegan food in Ann Arbor, MI and eating on the road.

Okay so, Ann Arbor, MI, we were talking a little bit about last night. Not much of a vegan thing there?

B: It’s vegan…

My roommate and bassist in the Four Visions live band Nick launched a neat blog that interviews bands specifically about food related things today. Check it out! He interviewed Pity Sex for the first post.

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This is my track on the Orchid Tapes 12” Vinyl Comp.

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